Grandad why?

Grandad why?

Can we really put ourselves in someone else’s shoes? It’s difficult, isn’t it? How can we know how someone else feels, how someone else thinks? And what about putting ourselves in someone else’s paws? What would an animal think or feel?

That is what I tried to do, imagining a dialogue between an animal granddaughter or grandson and their grandad. I imagined a wolf, but you can pick any animal. The grandchild is wondering why humans behave in the way they do and the grandad tries to answer as best he can. Subjects range from childcare to the pandemic. The grandchild also asks humans to take better care of the planet and all living beings. There is a pledge of allegiance to that effect on the last page of the book.

You can download the pdf on the downloads page. There are also 25 printed copies in circulation. Yes, only 25 in the whole world. Gotta take care of the planet, right? If you find one, and if you want, copy the pledge of allegiance and sign the book. Then pass it on to someone else. If the signatures page is full, stick another page in the book.

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